Rhode Island: Jobs in clean energy sector to exceed 10,000

The 2015 Rhode Island Clean Energy Jobs Report states that Rhode Island’s clean energy economy currently supports nearly 10,000 jobs and suggests that the state is expected to add approximately 1,600 new clean energy jobs over the next year.

The report found that 40 percent of the clean energy firms in Rhode Island began providing clean energy services in just the last five years.

In addition, the clean energy sector added 613 jobs in the last year. Among other statistics, the clean energy sector illustrates the vitality of small businesses in Rhode Island, with approximately 87% of clean energy firms employing fewer than 25 employees.

Marion Gold, Rhode Island Energy Commissioner, said: “I am pleased to see the addition of over 600 jobs in the clean energy sector last year and encouraged by projections that we are expected to double that figure in the coming year. Investments in this growing part of our economy have created jobs and expanded opportunities.

“As we look ahead, we must continue to engage public and private stakeholders and invest in this important segment of our state’s economy to drive economic growth opportunities, reduce energy costs and advance our environmental goals.”

The report was funded by the Office of Energy Resources Rhode Island in partnership with Commerce RI, and produced by BW Research Partnership.

Image: RI Government/Illustration

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