Russia looking to cut dependence on foreign offshore oil technology

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Russia is looking to cut its dependence on foreign technologies used for development of its offshore oil and gas fields.

In a statement issued June 9, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation said it developed a plan in an effort to reduce the Russian fuel and energy sector’s dependence on imported equipment, components, foreign services and software.

The ministry said that during the development of the plan, it revealed a considerable dependence on foreign equipment and technology used in developing offshore oil and gas fields.

In this regard, the ministry proposed Russia should focus on the development of domestic manufacturers and construction of ships and marine equipment intended for use in complex geophysical and hydrological conditions.

To update the state programme “Developing Shipbuilding for 2013-2030”, with consideration for shipbuilding priorities, the title of the state programme has been changed by the signed directive to “Developing Shipbuilding and Machinery to Develop Shelf Fields for 2015-2030.”

Relevant changes were introduced in the list of state programmes of the Russian Federation.

“The adopted decision will help introduce new mechanisms to implement the state programme and will make it possible to change its priorities and focus efforts on developing machinery to develop shelf fields,” a statement on the government’s website said.


Sanction behind the move?

While the statement does not reveal much, it could be that the sanctions imposed by the EU and the U.S. against Russia last year, are the reason for this latest move.

To remind, last year, due to Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis, U.S. Treasury and the EU imposed sanctions that prohibit the EU and the U.S. companies the exportation of goods, services, or technology in support of exploration or production for Russian deepwater, Arctic offshore, or shale projects that have the potential to produce oil.

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