Russia: Pella Shipyard Builds Next Tugboat of Project 90600

Pella Shipyard Builds Next Tugboat of Project 90600

The keel layout of the tugboat of project 90600, building No 938 has been performed at Pella Shipyard. During the current year the tugboat will be delivered to the Russian Navy and put into operation within the Northern Fleet Navy.

The tugboat is intended for towing and berthing operations in harbor, roadsteads and coastal areas which comply with R3 navigation area, refloating of ships and vessels, fire fighting operations at floating and shore objects, oil and petroleum content products, cargo transportation, ice breaking and erosion operations.

Technical information

Length max 25,4 m

Width max 8,8 m

Draught 4,2 m

Speed 11,8 knots

Mail engines power 2×746 kW

Z-drive 2xZ-drives, Rolls-Royce

Classification КМ Arc4 R3 Aut3 Tug by Russian Maritime Register of shipping.

Press Release, March 22, 2013