Saudi Arabia: NSCSA Launches Its New Brand Bahri

Saudi Arabia - NSCSA Launches Its New Brand Bahri

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (NSCSA), the leading provider of Marine transportation services, is marking its evolution into a global force by launching its new brand, Bahri, at a prestigious event at the Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on April 15.

From the NSCSA’s humble beginning in 1979 as a national carrier, the Bahri Brand now represents an organization that is one of the largest shipping conglomerates in the world with a keen understanding of diverse client needs in many markets.

“Our new brand reflects the nature of our organization- we are adoptive. The business landscape is changing at a tumultuous pace and requires nothing short of reinventing ourselves to be agile and responsive to the critical needs of our stakeholders in the national, regional and global arena. Today, as Bahri, we can proudly say that we do, not only excel in marine transportation alone, but that we are realizing the NSCSA’s dream to be a total logistics solutions provider,” said CEO, Mr. Al Jasser at the launch event.

Bahri has expanded and diversified greatly to include business sectors that span across Oil & Gas, Chemicals, General Cargo, Dry Bulk and Ship Management, all tethered together by a full range of support services including HR, finance and e-services to ensure safety, security and consistency across all of Bahri’s operations around the globe. Bahri’s new brand will also be bolstered by a new and improved online presence. Presently, Bahri owns and operates 19 Chemical Tankers, 17 VLCCs and 4 General/RoRo ships, with many new building vessels to join the fleet during 2012-2014 while enforcing stringent safety regulations and quality standards. Bahri is one of the top 10 VLCC owners in the world. Furthermore, Bahri’s HR services safeguard the wellbeing of its 1200 employee workforce and offer its employees various job-related training & professional development programs at periodic intervals.

“The developing demand around the world necessitates more responsive delivery. New requirements need innovations to match. Bahri today is a much larger and more able business than when we started and we plan on holding our course and staying true to these values while simultaneously assisting in the achievement of our nation’s goals,” says Mr. Al-Rubaian, Chairman of Bahri.

Bahri is the first private sector company of Saudi Arabia in the shipping industry and is committed to being a leading service provider applying best practices to run a world-class fleet, whilst building mutually beneficialrelationships with all stakeholders.


Source: NSCSA, April 16, 2012


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