Saudi Aramco sets heavy lift record with Hasbah platform installation

Saudi Aramco has informed that the heavy lift barge Lan Jing completed the installation of the Hasbah tie-in platform (TP) using its 7,500-ton crane, carrying weight that reached about 5,000 tons – which is, according to the company, its new record for heavy lift operation.

The new tie-in platform was installed as part of the ongoing work to complete the Arabiyah-Hasbah Offshore Gas Fields Project, located in the Arabian Gulf, which will produce 2.5 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas per day through the Wasit Gas Plant when completed. An intermediate injection platform was also installed.

The Lan Jing has also completed the installation of the Arabiyah field tie-in platform, which weighs 4,600 tons, and the intermediate injection platform, which weighs 1,800 tons.

According to Saudi Aramco, Nasir K. Al-Naimi, vice president of Northern Area Oil Operations, and Fahad E. Al-Helal, vice president of Project Management, recently conducted a site visit to the offshore project location at Hasbah TP. During the visit, Mohammed Al-Sadiq, senior project engineer from Project Management, presented the progress of the project completion and what has been achieved so far. The company says that the project is progressing as planned.

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