Schlumberger targets reservoir optimisation with mapping-while-drilling service

Schlumberger has launched PeriScope Edge, a multilayer mapping-while-drilling service, said to expand the depth detection range and improve resolution.

Courtesy of Schlumberger

The PeriScope Edge utilises cloud and digital solutions to offer reservoir insights targeting optimal reservoir exposure while drilling to enhance well construction efficiency.

The multilayer service is said to deliver clearer boundary delineation compared to previous bed-boundary detection services.

It uses deep-resistivity technology and a transverse antenna for multidirectional measurements to reveal up to eight bed-boundary layers, providing definition and certainty beyond a 25 feet radius.

According to Schlumberger, the PeriScope Edge helps drillers sustain a more accurate trajectory while inside the reservoir, which contributes to greater reservoir exposure that leads to optimal production.

So far, the service was deployed in South America, the Middle East and Asia, the company stated.

“The PeriScope Edge service introduces new measurements and an industry leading inversion process, enabled by hardware and digital innovations, to deliver accurate geosteering in reservoirs where multiple thin layers could not previously be mapped”, said Jesus Lamas, president, well construction, Schlumberger.

“This, combined with cloud computing and secure connectivity, creates a unique geosteering workflow that links stakeholders for instant decision making, which results in optimal reservoir exposure improving net-to-gross ratios, and ultimately greater overall drilling performance that unlocks full reservoir potential”.

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