Sembmarine SLP Welcomes Lowestoft Conference Initiative (UK)

The Lowestoft Conference will take place on 15 April 2014 at Rotterdam Road in Lowestoft.

Sembmarine SLP Welcomes Lowestoft Conference Initiative

Sembmarine SLP Managing Director Paul Thomson has welcomed the Lowestoft Conference initiative, saying:

With over 350 employees, Sembmarine SLP is one of Lowestoft’s major employers and my colleagues and I are very pleased that we are going to have the opportunity to discuss priorities for the town and its economy with local leaders.

The town’s skyline will soon lose the Golden Eagle Living as it goes into service in the North Sea in May 2014, however we are working on a number of other valuable and interesting contract opportunities. Offshore wind energy is set to make an enormous impact on East Anglia’s energy sector over the coming years, and there are engineering elements of an offshore wind farm which offer considerable potential to Sembmarine SLP.

Job creation and skills development, the quayside infrastructure, sea defences and road improvements are amongst the key issues that we will wish to raise at this event.

He continued: “I hope there will be strong support for this initiative from the town’s business community.


Sembmarine, March 25, 2014