Senator Waters calls for stop on CSG expansion in Queensland

The leaked Independent Expert Scientific Committee report on the Santos Gladstone LNG expansion proposal shows CSG expansion needs to stop in Queensland, according to the Australian Greens.

“The federal government’s own expert panel is raising serious concerns about the impacts of Santos’ proposed expansion on Queensland’s precious groundwater and surface water,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens mining spokesperson, said.

Waters said the Abbott Government needs to stop ignoring science and take heed of the panel’s strong advice. According to her, thousands of gas wells across Queensland are already threatening the water supplies and best farming land, as well as the Great Barrier Reef, both through export and climate change.

“Enough is enough – Queensland needs to transition to a renewable energy future, that won’t cost our precious water, land, communities, climate or Great Barrier Reef,” said Waters.

Waters called on the Palaszczuk Government to listen to the science and refuse any more unconventional gas mining in Queensland.