Shell in AI, machine learning push

Oil giant Shell has selected C3 IoT with Microsoft Azure as its artificial intelligence (AI) platform to “enable and accelerate digital transformation on a global scale.”

According to a statement by Microsoft, Shell expects to realize substantial economic value by rapidly scaling and replicating AI and machine learning applications across its upstream and downstream businesses and improving operational performance.

Yuri Sebregts, executive vice president for technology and CTO of Shell: “Digital technologies are core to our strategy to strengthen our position as a leading energy company.”

“Our collaboration with Microsoft gives us a solid digital platform to make our core business more effective and efficient and supports our ambition to provide more and cleaner energy solutions through technology.”

“Shell is demonstrating AI and IoT [the Internet of Things ] leadership in selecting C3 IoT and Azure for the Shell AI Platform,” said Thomas M. Siebel, chairman and CEO of C3 IoT. “This will enable Shell to rapidly realize the vision of digital transformation across all lines of business, including upstream, midstream, retail, and finance.”

Shell will deploy the C3 IoT Platform on Azure for a broad set of AI applications, starting with predictive maintenance for hundreds of thousands of critical pieces of equipment globally, and aims to expand to support other machine learning, machine vision, and natural language processing (NLP)-based use cases in upstream, downstream, unconventional, refining, and retail operations, Microsoft said on Thursday.



Setting pace for the industry


Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business: “As one of the energy sector’s largest and most prominent players, Shell’s wide-scale adoption of AI, machine learning and IoT technologies sets an example of how digital transformation can help the industry address resource challenges, improve asset performance and promote safety,” said  “We are excited to deepen our relationship with Shell as the company continues to be a digital pacesetter for the industry.”

According to C3 IoT, its platform enables Shell’s developers and data scientists to integrate and process Shell’s data into a unified data image kept current in real-time and to rapidly develop, deploy, and operate advanced AI and IoT applications across millions of Shell assets, its supply chain, and markets globally.

“With the C3 IoT Platform, we’re looking forward to significantly enhancing the productivity and scope of our advanced analytics capabilities to create greater economic value across Shell’s operations,” said Jay Crotts, Shell Group CIO. “C3 IoT allows us to optimize our existing investments in data and cloud infrastructure while accelerating time to value of AI-based applications, so Shell can better serve our customers with even more agility and efficiency.”

“Shell’s AI- and IoT-enabled enterprise transformation will create significant customer and economic impact,” said Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business. “We are excited to play a role in this transformation and look forward to partnering with C3 IoT on cooperative development and marketing efforts across other sectors globally.”

“Shell’s selection of the C3 IoT Platform on Microsoft Azure reflects the growing macro-market momentum towards platform adoption for accelerated digital transformation,” said Thomas M. Siebel, C3 IoT CEO. “We are excited to partner closely with Azure to support Shell’s digital transformation journey and are jointly committed to Shell’s success in applying AI and machine learning across its global business.”

Offshore Energy Toda has reached out to Shell hoping to get more info and examples on the AI and IoT applications aboard Shell’s offshore facilities. We will update an article if we receive a response.