Shire Oak to Host Event about Dean Quarry

Shire Oak Energy will host a drop-in exhibition about their plans for Dean Quarry on Wednesday.

The event will be held in St Keverne Parish Hall between 2pm and 8pm.

The company is intending to reopen the quarry in the Lizard to take advantage of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon development.

Namely, the quarry will provide 1.5 million tons of rock which will be used in Swansea Bay to create a 9.5 kilometre breakwater forming a lagoon of around 11.5 square kilometres.

In recently-published Autumn Statement, UK government said it will start closer discussions with Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd to establish whether a potential tidal lagoon project at Swansea Bay is affordable and value for money for consumers.

UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey said: “Tidal energy is a huge opportunity for Britain. Tidal lagoons alone could provide up to 8% of our power needs, replacing foreign fossil fuels with clean, reliable home-grown electricity.

“That’s why we’re showing investors and developers that we’re serious about tidal lagoon potential and have started in-depth discussions for what could become the world’s first tidal lagoon.”

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Press release; Image: cornwall