Siemens’ New Product Improves Subsea Ethernet Communication

Siemens has developed and tested a new product for better subsea Ethernet communication.

The Advanced Converter & Switch (ACS) is making it possible to communicate at higher data rates and over longer lengths, the company explained.

This communication solution can be used for connecting to existing subsea fields, for field extensions or for new developments.

Siemens has developed a product that can combine and convert various types of communication up to 84 km at 3000MBSL.

The basic design of the ACS comprises one-atmospheric chamber housing, a PCB card (Printed Circuit Board) and a glass-to-metal penetrator on the copper side and glass-to-glass on the fiber side.

The solution is based on the distribution technology for fiber and electrical signals and umbilical terminations.

Performance can be monitored continuously or when necessary and does not require reconfiguration if units connected to the electrical subsea interfaces are replaced or upgraded, the company added.