Photo: Stril Explorer

Simon Møkster vessel continues MMT charter

Sweden-based marine surveys specialist MMT has awarded a contract to Norwegian shipowner Simon Møkster Shipping for the Stril Explorer vessel. 

Simon Møkster said on Wednesday that MMT awarded an 18-month charter for the multi-purpose support vessel (MPSV) Stril Explorer.

The vessel has been on contract to MMT since April 2014 and, according to the company, the vessel will be used in various survey-related projects by MMT.

It is worth noting that MMT won a three-year contract with Nord Stream AG last year for inspection of both lines of the Nord Stream pipeline.

The scope of work, which involved approximately 150 days in 2017, includes visual and instrumental inspection of the pipelines with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) over the entire length of the route. The survey will mainly be conducted from the Stril Explorer. The purpose of these surveys is to acquire data on the condition of both pipeline strings and associated installations.

Nord Stream’s natural gas pipelines has the capacity to transport 55 billion cubic meters (bcm). Both lines run in parallel for 1,224 kilometers from Portovaya Bay the Russian Baltic Sea coast to Lubmin, Germany.

Construction of the first Nord Stream Pipeline started in April 2010, and both lines were completed and on-stream in October 2012.

Offshore Energy Today Staff