Sinopec starts building Tianjin LNG storage tanks

China’s Sinopec started constructing additional storage tanks at its liquefied natural gas import terminal in Tianjin.

Courtesy of Sinopec

The construction of five 220,000 cubic metres LNG storage tanks is a part of the second expansion phase of Sinopec’s Tianjin terminal.

The expansion also includes an additional jetty for LNG carriers.

Once finished at the end of 2021, the terminal’s annual receiving and supply capacity would be 10.8 million metric tons and 13.6 billion cubic metres, respectively, according to Sinopec.

This would make it the largest such facility in China.

The Tianjin facility has currently four storage tanks with a total capacity of 640,000 cubic metres.

The terminal received 11.21 million tonnes of LNG since the first phase of the project was launched in March 2018.