Sir Richard Branson Plans to Conduct Deep-Sea Project at Puerto Rico Trench


The founder of the Virgin group of companies, Sir Richard Branson, announces plans to launch his own deep-sea project this summer, Zee News reported.

He plans to conduct a solo submarine journey to the bottom of the sea at the Puerto Rico Trench in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sir Richard hopes to find various different creatures on his maiden project.

“The Puerto Rico Trench is deeper than Mount Everest is tall, and it is completely unexplored,” Leading Daily citied him as saying.


The trench is 800 kilometres (497 mi) long and has a maximum depth of 8,648 metres (28,373 ft) at Milwaukee Deep, which is the deepest point in the Atlantic.

The submarine which will be used in the journey is battery-powered, thus is very quiet and able to identify larger creatures than those identified in Cameron’s mission in Mariana Trench, explained Branson.

Subsea World News Staff , April 04, 2012;