SOA Selects ATLAS Multibeam Echo Sounder for Future Projects

SOA selects ATLAS Multibeam Echo Sounder for Future Projects

German manufacturer of hydrographic systems, ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC, secured another contract from China.

SOA’s oceanographic institute from Xiamen will equip one of their vessels with an ATLAS HYDROSWEEP MD/50 multibeam echo sounder in order to accomplish surveying projects in depth down to 2,000 m.

Besides its standard functions of recording high-accurate bathymetric data of the seafloor structure and the ability of recording up to 10,000 side scan values in parallel, the HYDROSWEEP MD/50 comes with its unique 4x multi-ping feature.

In this operation mode up to four swaths can be generated simultaneously per ping using frequency modulation in order to increase the data density along track. As a result, the new multibeam echo sounder maintains gapless coverage at high survey speed enabling SOA fulfilling its tasks more efficiently in shorter time.


Press Release, December 31, 2013