Sonardyne boosts VideoRay ROVs flexibility

VideoRay and Sonardyne have been working together to demonstrate enhanced ROV operations through integration with positioning systems.


UK-based underwater positioning specialist Sonardyne initially integrated Micro-Ranger 2 USBL technology with VideoRay’s Mission Specialist Technology for ROVs in 2018.

Since then, the systems have carried out a range of operations from aquaculture to mine countermeasures.

Sonardyne designed the Micro-Ranger 2 USB for shallow water tracking of divers and small ROVs and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

VideoRay’s Defender and Pro 5 ROVs feature Mission Specialist Technology.

In recent trials, the Defender was equipped with a Micro-Ranger 2 and a Viper mine disposal system from ECS Special Projects.

Viper is a twin-shot disruptor with the capability of deploying multiple “shots” during one dive mission.

Chris Gibson, vice president of Sales, Marketing & Business Development at VideoRay, said:

“Micro-Ranger 2 worked flawlessly, accurately tracking the Defender as it deployed the Viper charge on a simulated manta mine.”

“It’s a high-performance tool that gives our ROVs even more range and flexibility when matched with the Viper system.”

Micro-Ranger 2 system has an operating range of 995 metres and can update the position of each target up to twice a second.

The system calculates the position of underwater targets using a transceiver at the surface to transmit an acoustic signal to transponders.

Using the return signal from each transponder, Micro-Ranger 2 determines its range, bearing, and depth.