Sonardyne sets goal to become carbon neutral by 2026

UK marine technology company Sonardyne has set the goal to reach net zero by the end of 2025, becoming the first company of its type in the UK subsea industry to set such an ambitious target.

The goal covers direct and indirect emissions, including those associated with manufacturing, as well as supply chain activities, from its UK sites and operations.

The target will be guided by and certified to PAS 2060, the international standard for carbon neutrality.

“Sonardyne recognises the need for sustainable use of energy to mitigate climate impact and degradation of the environment for the preservation of future generations,” said Sonardyne’s managing director Graham Brown. “Working to achieve PAS 2060 will help us clearly demonstrate our commitment to our employees, supply chain and communities where we operate.

“We all have a role to play in recognising and supporting the need for sustainable use of energy to mitigate climate change. Sonardyne have supported five decades of responsible operations on and under the world’s oceans and seas. As we begin our next 50 years, sustainability and the environment will be an even greater focus for us.”

Last year, Sonardyne invested in roof-mounted solar arrays across its headquarters in Hampshire.

The company stated it also uses air source heat pumps, is ISO 50001 Energy Management System certified and has had a Building Management System installed.

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