Songa Rigs in BOP Struggle

Songa Offshore’s semi-submersible newbuild rigs Songa Equinox and Songa Endurance have been faced with BOP-related downtime during the past month, the offshore drilling contractor said Tuesday in its fleet update.

Namely, from January 22, the Songa Equinox ops were suspended due to unplanned BOP-related issues, which kept the rig out of action until February 5, 2016.

Prior to this downtime, the rig performed weather related repairs until January 12.

In addition, Songa Endurance had experienced BOP equipment failure while performing a final test on location the first week in January. However, according to Songa, the equippment was repaired during the month and the rig was back to work on February 5, 2016.

Both rigs, built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), are working for Statoil in Norway.

The rigs, 116 meters long and 97 meters wide, are equipped with Cameron 18¾” 10 000 psi. BOP, direct hydraulic retrievable POD, and overhead BOP crane 2 x 75 mt with trolleys and xmas tree crane 2 x 50 mt with trolley.

Subsea World News Staff