Stena Drillmax; Source: Stena Drilling SRO Solutions

SRO Solutions replaces software systems on six Stena Drilling rigs

UK-based tech firm SRO Solutions has replaced asset management software systems on six Stena Drilling offshore rigs.

Stena Drillmax; Source: Stena Drilling

SRO Solutions said that it replaced the existing asset management system with IBM’s Maximo software over 14 months.

Engineers from SRO which carried out the work also delivered training on the rig fleet in the Canary Islands, Israel, Guyana, and Scapa Flow in Scotland.

SRO Solutions operations director Andrew Carrie stated that the project took place on four drillships and two semi-submersible vessels and involved consolidating vast amounts of data from Stena Drilling’s onshore headquarters in Aberdeen and its fleet into one single platform.

This included 7,500 unique pieces of equipment on each vessel and 1.2 million historical work orders.

This was a very demanding, sensitive project which drew on all SRO’s expertise to ensure a smooth transition of data systems, from each ship and the headquarters to the single Maximo platform.

This was important as under the old asset management system the HQ and the ships were not fully integrated or tied into each other. Stena recognized the switch to IBM’s Maximo was necessary for all the operational and cost benefits it could offer”, Carrie stated.

Carrie said Maximo now acts as one of the core pieces of the software underpinning Stena Drilling IT operations.

The new system has all the equipment and spares across the six vessels properly documented and monitored with the same codes, whereas before each ship had different codes for the same equipment.

Carrie said: “The beauty of Maximo is that it is the most advanced and heavily invested in enterprise asset management software in the world which makes it highly sophisticated as it is constantly updated.

This means it can work and talk to new IT systems and software very easily where a lot of older computer maintenance management systems struggle with digital integration as their functionality is too rigid causing a massive headache.

This is very important for the likes of the classification society surveys which expect increasing levels of IT system functionality to ensure ships are fully compliant with standards”.