Stena Bulk Seeks Help from Govt Leaders in Freeing Seafarers

Stena Bulk, the owner of the seized tanker Stena Impero, is seeking help and assistance from various government leaders with the release of the ship’s crew.

Namely, the company’s President and CEO, Erik Hanell, has made a direct appeal to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to assist with the release of 18 Indian seafarers detained by the Iranian Authorities on board the ship for over three weeks.

Similar appeals have also been made to the leaders and Foreign Affairs Ministers of Russia, Latvia and the Philippines with the aim to resolve this situation.

Stena Bulk and Northern Marine Management said that they believe the pressures are growing on both crew, held on the vessel since July 19, and their families and that their immediate release is “essential for their well-being”.

The companies have earlier submitted a request to attend to the vessel, however, they are yet to receive a formal reply.

The 46,575 cbm Stena Impero was seized by Iranian forces in what is perceived as a retaliatory measure after the UK detained a 300,000 dwt tanker on suspicion it was carrying a shipment of Iranian crude oil to Syria.

Following the Stena Impero seizure, the UK urged British-flagged ships to avoid the Strait of Hormuz.