STX O&S: Christening Ceremony Held for Two Shuttle Tankers

Christening Ceremony Held for Two Shuttle Tankers

STX Offshore & Shipbuilding recently held a christening ceremony for two world’s largest 155.000DWT shuttle tankers. The ships, Elka Leblon and Elka Parana, are the first batch of shuttle tankers built by STX O&S for European Navigation in Greece.

Mr. Shin Sang-Ho, President of STX O&S, Spiros Karnesis, President of European Navigation and other related people were present at the ceremony.

Named Elka Leblon and Elka Parana, respectively after Brazilian river and seawater, the ships that are 278.3m long, 48.7m wide, and 23.6m high, will be delivered and used for carrying crude oil produced in Brazilian waters.

STX O&S, with the successful completion of the ships, has heightened expectation for the two optional ships.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, February 25, 2013