Tata Motors delivers India’s first LNG-powered bus

Inauguration ceremony of India’s first LNG bus; Image: Tata

Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has completed the delivery of the country’s first LNG-powered bus order.

Inauguration ceremony of India's first LNG bus; Image: Tata

Tata said on Monday that the two units of 36-seater Starbus LNG AC models were delivered to LNG Petronet in Dahej and two units in Kochi, Kerala.

The company added that it indigenously developed and delivered the LNG buses in the stipulated timeframe. The conclusion of the order and country’s first LNG bus project was conducted during an event held at the Kochi LNG terminal.

Rohit Srivastava, VP of the bus product line at Tata Motors, said: “Tata Motors has taken a significant leap forward with a slew of alternate fuel technologies for sustainable mobility solutions and with the delivery of first Starbus LNG bus, we have ushered into a new era of transportation.

“We are proud to work with LNG Petronet in an effort towards creating a lower-carbon future. Our in-depth understanding of sustainable public transport, while developing reliable and environment-friendly public transit options, has led us to excel in this competitive industry.”

The Starbus LNG is the first passenger vehicle with an integrated LNG system developed for the Indian market. Apart from the model delivered to LNG Petronet, Tata also offers 40-seater and 56-seater options.

The fuel carrying capacity of the LNG buses is up to 2.5 times more than CNG ones and can operate up to 600-700 kilometers in one tank fill.

According to Tata, LNG buses are lighter in weight thus offer enhanced levels of payload and significantly lower the overall cost of operation. Also, the LNG system operates at lower pressure and evaporates quickly – reducing the chances of a fire hazard – hence offering a safe mode of mass transport.