Teledyne: Innovative Spill Measurement for Wirecrane and Excavator Dredging

Teledyne RESON has just released a very interesting paper named ‘Innovative spill measurement for wirecrane and excavator dredging‘.

“Monitoring of what happens underwater always has been a challenge. Dredge guidance and monitoring software have the advantage that they show the position of the bucket or grab in three dimensions but the seafloor is always a surveyed area and not the ‘as is at this moment’ area and the updates of the dredged area are always an estimate,” the paper said.

During one of the projects the request was to show the spilled material with an efficient and cost effective manner, in such a way that the operator could clean the area before the hydrographic survey was carried out.

Teledyne Marine created two solutions to show the seafloor underneath as well as the bucket or grab.

One method used a very high frequency (1.2 Mhz) to measure the seafloor and grab or bucket showing the area in real time. The other method uses a forward looking system to show the grab/bucket and environment moving in the water.

In both solutions the equipment is very small, easy to use and install. Both methods are used and showed that it  is a cost and time effective method, said the company.


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