Term of the Day: Advanced Notice of Arrival (ANOA)

Advanced Notice of Arrival (ANOA) is a document which has to be sent to the U.S. Coast Guard by a crew of a ship which is entering U.S. ports.

Any vessel entering United States waters from a foreign port is required to give a 96–hour ANOV.

Any vessel of 300 gross registered tonnage and greater is required to give the ANOA to the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Vessel Movement Center. Any vessel under 300 gross registered tons is required to give the ANOA to the appropriate Captain of the Port.

The notice of arrival requirements also now ask for information concerning the passengers and crew onboard. These are Customs requirements which can be fulfilled by properly filing the advance notice of arrival with the Coast Guard.

If the Estimated Time of Arrival changes by more than 6 hours the advance notice must be updated. The notice must be provided to the National Vessel Movement Center.

Submissions sent through the eNOAD system should receive a confirmation receipt. After the data has been reviewed, the submitter receives an email detailing any discrepancies, or a simple notification that the correct information was received.

World Maritime News Staff; Image: US Coast Guard


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