A photo of an Orsted offshore wind farm

Terna Energy secures survey permit for wind farm sites offshore Greece

Terna Energy has been granted one out of the two first exploration and survey licenses issued for pilot offshore wind projects in Greece.

The two licenses refer to the area south of the coastline of the Evros regional unit and northeast of Samothrace that has been defined as a development area for pilot offshore wind projects, with a total capacity of 600 MW.

Aioloki Provata Traianoupoleos MAE, a subsidiary of Terna Energy, has been granted an exploration and survey license with a duration of three years for a total capacity of 400 MW.

Today, trusting that there will be no further delays in respect of licensing and approvals, we aim to have the first project in operation before the end of the current decade,” said Emmanuel Maragkoudakis, CEO of Terna Energy.

The survey areas are said to be within the Organised Development Areas as per the National Development Plan for Offshore Wind and will contribute towards the achievement of the national target, as this has been defined in the latest draft National Climate and Energy Plan unveiled this month.

The plan includes 25 areas with an estimated minimum capacity of 12.4 GW and qualifies ten eligible areas for development by 2030-2032, with a total capacity of approximately 4.9 GW, mainly for floating wind projects.