TGE Marine to provide cargo handling system for Northern Lights’ LCO2 carrier

German equipment provider TGE Marine has received a contract from the Chinese shipyard Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore Co. (DSOC) for the design and supply of a cargo handling system for Northern Lights’ LCO2 Carrier.

TGE Marine/LInkedin

As informed, the vessel is the third iteration of the series TGE Marine. The ships are part of the “Longship project”, a Norwegian state-founded effort to de-carbonize large emitters in Norway. CO2 is captured, reliquefied on-shore and subsequently shipped to the Norwegian continental shelf, where it is pressed underground via a terminal just outside of Bergen, NOR.

The two cylindrical type C tanks can house up to 7,500m³ of liquid carbon dioxide. The vessel will be LNG-fuelled and equipped with a shore electricity connection, to make use of Green electricity during loading and unloading operations.

“Thanks to an outstanding cooperation with the shipyard as well as the Owner, we were able to design a vessel that will be able to perform excellently under the conditions that it is going to face. We are proud to be a part of a project that is unprecedented and will be an example to many similar projects that will be needed to reach net-zero and beyond,” TGE Marine’s Proposal Manager Florian Krauß stated.

Recently, Northern Lights, a joint venture (JV) of energy majors Shell, Equinor, and TotalEnergies, placed an order for the third LNG-powered, wind-assisted CO2 carrier at DSOC. As explained, the new ship will bear the same characteristics as its sister ships and have a cargo capacity of 7,500 cbm.

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The three ships are the world’s largest dedicated CO2 ships, custom-built with pressurised cargo tanks for transportation of liquefied CO2. Thanks to these technologies, the vessels will have a reduced carbon intensity compared to conventional solutions, according to the firm.