Thailand: Tap Oil Provides Drilling Update on Manora-4 Well, G1/48

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Tap Oil Limited provides the following update on the Manora-4 appraisal well, in concession area G1/48, Gulf of Thailand.

Location / Proposed Depth

The Manora-4 well is located in the northern Gulf of Thailand in 45 metres of water, approximately 75 kilometres from shore and 230 kilometres south of Bangkok. The well surface location is approximately 1.5 kilometres north east of the Manora-1, 2 & 3 surface location. The well will be directionally drilled  using Emerald Driller jackup rig to a bottom hole location beyond Tap’s current field limits at a measured depth (MD) of approximately 3,620 metres and a true vertical depth (TVD) of approximately 3,080 metres.


During the 72 hour period from the last report to 7:00 am WST, 27 October, the coring operations were completed and the well was drilled in 81/2” hole to the current depth of 2,713 metres (MD) where wireline logging operations are now in progress. A total of 79 metres of core was cut and recovered through the reservoir sands and this will provide important reservoir data for the field development plan.

Logging While Drilling (LWD) data acquired after coring and the initial wireline logs indicate that the well has encountered a good reservoir section, similar to that seen in Manora-3, but that it is water wet in the Manora-4 well. This appears to confirm Tap’s pre-drill interpretation that the primary reservoir target of the well was in a separate area beyond the known field limits. The preliminary log correlation suggests good reservoir continuity, as Tap predicted, so the failure to encounter oil in the primary target in Manora-4 is expected to have no impact on Tap’s current estimate for the Manora field of 24 million barrels or on the exploration potential of the area.


Source: Tapoil, October  27, 2010;

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