Photo: Courtesy of Titan LNG

Titan LNG christens second bunkering barge

Titan LNG, a Dutch supplier of LNG to the marine and industrial markets in Europe, has christened its second bunkering barge at the Port of Antwerp.

Titan LNG christens second bunkering barge
Courtesy of Titan LNG

The FlexFueler 002 joins the FlexFueler 001 and the Green Zeebrugge in Titan LNG’s fleet, the company said in a brief statement through its social media channels.

The company will bring the bunkering barge into operation on March 25. It aims to expand the availability of LNG as a marine fuel in the ARA region, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the shipping’s decarbonization mission.

Fluxys and the Port of Antwerp are partnering with Titan LNG on this venture, supporting the growth of LNG infrastructure.

The vessel was delivered to Titan LNG in December last year by the shipbuilder Kooiman Marine.

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The bunkering barge will be operating from Quay 526/528 where Fluxys facilitates truck-to-ship bunkering and Titan LNG operates a permanent bunkering point for inland waterway vessels.

The pair joined forces in early 2019 to build the FlexFueler 002.