Titan LNG facilitates LNG bunkering op in Anwerp

Image courtesy of Titan LNG

The Dutch service supplier of liquefied natural gas, Titan LNG, over the past weekend aided the liquefied bunkering operation at the port of Antwerp.

The company noted that the chilled fuel was delivered by a truck-to-ship operation to the Coral Sticho, an ethylene carrier chartered by SABIC, at Quay 526.

Titan LNG further noted in its statement through the social media channels that three trucks have delivered LNG to the vessel.

The company noted that operations are continuing with appropriate COVID-19 measures in place.

Port of Antwerp authorities supervised the operation, Titan LNG said, adding that its FlecFueler 002, its second LNG bunkering barge, will be based in the port with operations set to start in 2021.