Tocardo installs 5 tidal turbines

Tocardo installs 5 tidal turbines

Tocardo Tidal Turbines, a Dutch-based tidal turbines producer, and Huisman, the designer of the turbine’s suspension structure, have completed the installation of an array consisting of 5 tidal turbines in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, the Netherlands.

According to Tocardo, the tidal power plant was engineered and produced in the timeframe of nine months.

The 50 m long and 20 m wide structure was transported over water to the work island Neeltje Jans. It was then placed on a floating pontoon combined with lifters and installed between the pillars under the Eastern Scheldt barrier.

The array has the capacity of 1.2 MW, and consists of 5 Tocardo’s T2 tidal turbines. It is expected to generate electricity for approximately 1000 Dutch households.

Hans van Breugel, CEO of Tocardo, said: “With our turbines in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, we can now show the world what tidal energy is all about: providing a clean and reliable source of energy that could fulfil 10-20% of the world’s electricity needs.”

Aside from Huisman, who financially supported the project, and Tocardo, many other Dutch companies are involved in this project.

Strukton has been actively involved in the project planning and is fully responsible for project management during installation. Mammoet’s involvement in the project comprises the transportation and installation of the tidal power plant at the Easter Scheldt storm surge barrier.

The Zeeland companies Istimewa Elektrotechniek, Van der Straaten and Hillebrand also play an important role in terms of the electro-technical installation and steel structures.

The province of Zeeland, where the Eastern Scheldt barrier is located, provided a significant financial contribution to the project, together with the funding granted by the European Regional Development Fund, and the Dutch government.

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Image: Tocardo/Eastern Scheldt tidal turbines array

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