Tokyo Gas May Sales Climb 4.7 Pct

Tokyo Gas May Sales Climb 4.7 Pct

Total gas sales volume by Japan’s Tokyo Gas for the month of May 2014 came to about 1,163.738 million m3, up 4.7% compared to May 2013.

In the residential sector, volume totaled 275.628 million m3, down 4.6% from May 2013, while In the business sector volume totaled 172.237
million m3, down 5.0% from May 2013.

In the industrial sector, volume totaled 545.139 million m3, up 14.8% from May 2013.

Volume for wholesale supply to other gas companies totaled 170.733 million m3, up 3.0% from May 2013, due to the increased demand of the other companies.

Press Release, June 13, 2014