Top News of the Week of May 26 – Jun 01, 2014

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1. Harkand Charters ‘Surf Ranger’ Vessel

HARKAND, a leading global name in subsea inspection, repair and maintenance and light construction, has extended its ROV support vessel fleet operations in the North Sea by signing a charter agreement for the Surf Ranger.

2. SMD Kicks Off Nautilus’ Collecting Machine Assembly

Nautilus Minerals Inc. has announced that the assembly of its second of three Seafloor Production Tools, the Collecting Machine, has this week started at Soil Machine Dynamics’ facility at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

3. Rowan Renaissance Experiences Subsea Systems Issues

Rowan Companies plc, a global provider of international and domestic contract drilling services in the ultra-deepwater and shallow water jack-up market, informed, through its fleet contract status update, that Rowan Renaissance is experiencing issues with its subsea systems.

4.  ‘Olympus Taurus’ Installs Half of Inter-Array Cables at DanTysk OWF

The Olympus Taurus multipurpose vessel from VSMC has completed the installation of more than half of inter-array cables at DanTysk offshore wind farm.

5. SubPartners’ Subsea Cable to Connect Perth to Sydney

SubPartners Pty Ltd has announced APX-Central connecting Perth to Sydney, complimenting the APX-West build from Singapore to Perth.


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