TORM commits to 40% CO2 emission cut by 2025

Danish shipping company TORM has set a new goal to achieve a 40 percent CO2 emission reduction by 2025 — five years ahead of the previous goal.

Illustration. Image Courtesy: TORM

To remind, the initial International Maritime Organization (IMO) GHG strategy, adopted in 2018, envisages a reduction in the carbon intensity of international shipping of at least 40 percent by 2030, compared to 2008. TORM is even more ambitious in its environmental efforts.

“We have proudly set the goal to deliver on IMO’s 40% CO2 reduction target by 2025 – instead of 2030. A goal we aspire to reach through continuously working with new energy efficient solutions,” TORM revealed, announcing its 2021 Responsibility Report.

Over the years, TORM has geared up its environmental efforts only to outperform its set targets. Further, the company believes that everyone has an obligation to do their utmost to reduce CO2 emissions.

As explained, the accelerated target is possible thanks to the integrated One TORM platform, where the Danish company controls the whole value chain of its business and operations.

“To continue reducing our emissions towards 2025 and onwards, we will focus on e.g., hull painting, maintenance, connected machinery and connected vessels, and continue the optimization journey of onboard operations,” TORM continued.

As for the long term, the company has the ambition to reach zero CO2 emissions from operating its fleet in 2050.

“As our long-term goal, we will be working on subjects encompassing future fuels and next-generation vessels. TORM continuously focuses on energy efficiency across the fleet.”

The shipping company participates in dedicated industry collaborations with the ambition to develop alternative fuels.

In 2009, TORM signed the UN Global Compact as the first shipping company in Denmark to commit to the internationally recognized set of principles regarding health, safety, labor rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

In January 2022, TORM became a Missions Ambassador of the Maersk McKinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping and continues to be an active member of Danish Shipping, with the aim to impact the decision making in IMO on the ongoing discussions on the implementation of CO2 related regulations.

It is also part of ShippingLab, a non-profit platform for maritime research, development, and innovation with 30 partners from across the maritime industry that pushes the efforts further at driving smart shipping for the future.

In 2021, it signed the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization, which calls on the governments to take decisive actions to achieve decarbonization of international shipping by 2050.

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