Photo: Image courtesy of TOTE Maritime

TOTE delays Midnight Sun’s LNG conversion by one year

TOTE Maritime Alaska informed it has adjusted the timeline for the LNG conversion of its Orca-class vessel, Midnight Sun. 

The company has decided to delay the upcoming Midnight Sun LNG conversion phase-1 dry-dock by 1 year.

According to a company notice, Midnight Sun was originally scheduled to undergo phase 1 of the LNG conversion from mid-December 2018 through early-February 2019.

The adjustment to the conversion schedule aligns the Orca’s LNG-readiness to the most recent timeline for Tacoma’s LNG-plant completion.

In place of this year’s dry dock period, TOTE’s team will continue preparing Midnight Sun’s transition to LNG for items that don’t require a dry-dock.

According to the new conversion schedule, Midnight Sun’s phase one has been pushed to 2019-2020, with the second phase for North Star and the Midnight Sun to follow in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, respectively.

Both vessels will continue sailing throughout the year, TOTE said.

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