Photo: Transocean Encourage rig (for illustration purposes); Source: Transocean

U.S. sees an upturn in offshore rig count activity

The U.S. stepped up its game last week and recorded an increase in the number of offshore rigs to 19, based on Baker Hughes’ weekly rig count report from last Friday.

Baker Hughes Rig Count: U.S. up 3 to 775 rigs

U.S. Rig Count is up 3 from last week to 775 with oil rigs up 5 to 623, gas rigs down 2 to 150 and miscellaneous rigs unchanged at 2.

U.S. Rig Count is up 174 rigs from last year’s count of 601 with oil rigs up 131, gas rigs up 41 and miscellaneous up 2.

The U.S. Offshore Rig Count is up 3 to 19, up 1 year-over-year.

Baker Hughes Rig Count: Canada is up 38 to 227 rigs

Canada Rig Count is up 38 from last week to 227, with oil rigs up 28 to 141, gas rigs up 10 to 86.

Canada Rig Count is up 36 rigs from last year’s count of 191 with oil rigs up 20, gas rigs up 16.

Earlier this month, Baker Hughes also disclosed that the international offshore rig count experienced an increase of 30 units in 2022 compared to the figures from the year before.

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As revealed at the time, the average U.S. rig count for December was 779 flat versus November 2022 and up 200 year-over-year.