UK Ambassador visits Energean’s oil and gas facilities (Greece)

John Kittmer the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Greece, John Kittmer, visited the Energan Oil & Gas onshore and offshore facilities in Kavala on Tuesday.

UK Ambassador visits Energean's oil facilities (Greece)

After undergoing the required safety training, and accompanied by the company’s chief officers, Kittmer visited the “Sigma” onshore processing plant at Nea Karvali, where he was introduced to the final stages of processing the oil and gas streams into stabilized crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquid and elemental sulfur.

Subsequently, Kittmer was transported by Energean Oil & Gas craft close to the Prinos offshore platforms, where he was briefed about production activity and initial crude oil processing and desulfurization, as well as the safety rules which are enforced in a high H2S environment.

After concluding his visit, the British Ambassador stated:

“It’s a great pleasure to be here today as a guest of Energean Oil & Gas, a company that Greek people should be proud of. It’s often said that Greece doesn’t have an industrial base, but companies like this one are steaming ahead with new developments, new investments and they are the future of Greece. I am here today because there is a new deal between Εnergean and BP. BP is buying the crude oil from Prinos for the next 6 years. It’s an exclusive deal which is great for Greece and for the two companies as well. Also, in the new concessions of the Greek government, Energean is cooperating around Katakolo in the Western Peloponnese with another smaller British company which is Trajan Oil. It is a time when we are all thinking about energy security and diversification of supply and what Energean is doing here in Greece is really very important. It’s been great to see the installations at first hand. I am delighted to see a company operating with great environmental conditions, with an impeccable safety record.

The cooperation between Energean and British companies will help the diversification of supply. A number of developments took place in Greece over the last months, not only in the area of crude oil but also in the natural gas supply.

TAP is very important and all of these developments will help Europe as a whole to diversify its supply. We all know the reasons which cause instability in our supplies from Russia, Ukraine and why we need diversified supply; Energean is helping us with that.”

On behalf of Energean Oil & Gas, vice president and CEO of Kavala Oil Dimitris Gontikas stated: “Mr. Kittmer’s visit to the Energean Oil & Gas facilities in Kavala is a great honor for us. It occurs at a time when a new extended investment program is underway in Prinos, Prinos North and Epsilon Field, aiming at oil production increase. It is a goal which, with the contribution of our employees, can be achieved to the benefit of the Greek economy and our country as a whole.”

As a token of their esteem, Energean Oil & Gas offered Kittmer the gift of a formal Kavala Oil worker’s uniform and the relevant equipment.


Press Release, April 10, 2014

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