UK, China join hands for low carbon economy

UK and China have signed the Clean Energy Partnership agreement under which the two countries will work together to transition to the low carbon economy.

According to the UK government, this will strengthen the UK’s position as the partner of choice for China in low carbon energy and will help to pave the way for effective energy relations between the two countries.

The agreement is expected to support the efforts to tackle climate change and provide energy security, help reduce energy bills for businesses and families as well as grow the low carbon economy in both countries.

The UK companies in the low carbon sector will gain more opportunities to access the largest energy market in the world, enabling them to share expertise in technology and innovation to secure new business. It is expected to encourage more investment in clean technologies, which in turn could help to reduce their costs in both countries, the UK government’s press release reads.

Earlier this week, a number of other collaboration agreements were announced at the UK-China Fourth Annual Energy Dialogue.

These include Chinese investment in the UK offshore wind market with China Three Gorges (CTG) agreeing to invest in Moray Offshore Renewables, industry and academic collaboration for marine energy research, as well as the UK China joint civil nuclear research and development centre to be opened in the UK, and partnering of two countries’ offshore wind industry groups to establish joint Offshore Wind Industry Advisory Groups.

Image: flickr/DECC

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