UK: Cuadrilla Rig to Arrive at Anna’s Road Site

Cuadrilla Rig to Arrive at Anna’s Road Site

Cuadrilla Resources’ drilling rig is due to arrive at its Anna’s Road site in Westby.

The rig is set to take a few weeks to set up on the site and is expected to remain there for a few months. Once the well drilling is completed the rig will be dismantled and removed.

As has happened at other Cuadrilla’s sites in the Fylde, and near Banks in West Lancashire, the rig will drill a well as part of the company’s exploration programme, which aims to better understand the local geology and ascertain how much natural gas is contained within the shale rock deep beneath the surface.

At this stage no hydraulic fracturing operations will be taking place at the Anna’s Road site.

The well will be Cuadrilla’s fourth exploration well in the area, following drilling operations in Singleton, Weeton and at Banks in West Lancashire. The company also has a producing well site near Elswick, which has been quietly producing natural gas and generating electricity on-site since the well was hydraulically fractured in 1993.

Francis Egan, chief executive of Cuadrilla, said:

“Our exploratory drilling over the next few months at Anna’s Road will help us to quantify how much natural gas lies within the shale rock deep below the surface. This has the potential to be a very exciting and hugely beneficial resource for Lancashire and the UK.

“Once our operations are underway, we’re looking forward to welcoming local residents on pre-arranged tours so that they can see for themselves the precautions and best practice techniques we use to ensure our operations are carried out safely.”

LNG World News Staff, August 08, 2012