UK: Narec Submits Plans for Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Project

UK: Narec Submits Plans for Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Project

Narec (National Renewable Energy Centre) has officially submitted an application to the Marine Management Organisation for permission to develop the Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstrator Centre, reported News Post Leader.

Narec has placed the infrastructure for an offshore demonstration platform with grid connection having been awarded with a grant from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in February.

If the submitted plans get approval, 15 turbines built in water depths of 35m and 60m, will generate up to 99.9 MW of wind power. Though connected to the grid, it will not operate as a commercial wind farm. Also, the facility will help manufacturers to test the design and efficiency of wind turbines, foundations, towers and blades in genuine offshore conditions.

The Centre will cost up to £ 400 million, which will be paid by three partners, most probably  utility companies, or by the developers who want to use the facility. It is expected that the preliminary work will start next year, subject to application process.

“The three partners will be able to choose the make, type and design of the 5mw or 10mw wind turbines which they want to see trialled and certified out at sea,” said Steve Abbott, Narec marketing manager.

“The results of this will mean they are able to make decisions about commercial offshore wind farms which they want to build.

“The whole idea is that we are proving the technology so we are reducing the risk when developers make decisions about large-scale commercial offshore wind farms,” he said.


Offshore WIND staff, April 24, 2012; Image: Narec