UK public supports renewable energy subsidies

A survey conducted by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) and ComRes shows that the UK public offers substantial backing to renewable energy subsidies and programmes that reduce energy waste.

The ECIU/ComRes survey shows that nearly three-quarters (73%) support subsidies for solar power, with 13% opposed, and two-thirds (66%) back subsidising wind, with 19% opposed.

Support for subsidising renewables at early stages of development, such as tidal power, is even higher at 75%, with 9% opposed, according to ECIU.

Eight out of 10 people (79%) support subsidies for measures that cut energy waste by insulating homes, with fewer than one in 14 (7%) opposed.

In contrast, for all non-renewable sources of energy tested, the proportion of Britons that say they should not be subsidised is higher than that of those in favor. The difference is starkest for coal with 53% of people who think coal should not receive subsidy compared with 23% who say it should.

Those in opposition for subsidising nuclear power amount to 42%, while 33% back it, and 43% think subsidies should not be paid to support gas, against 31% in favor.

ComRes interviewed 2,015 UK adults online between September 16-17, 2015.

ECIU is a non-profit initiative aiming to support informed debate on energy and climate issues in the UK.

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