UK: Salmond Destroying Scotland’s Economy, Says Trump

In a letter addressed to First Minister Alex Salmond, Donald Trump said that international investors no longer see Scotland as a safe place to invest and that 83 percent of Scots consider wind farms as a “blot” on the landscape, reported Bloomberg.

Trump said that Salmond is destroying Scotland’s independence and economy with his plan to build thousands of wind turbines, which would destroy the tourism industry adding that the country could not afford the subsidies.

At the end of last month he told the officials in Edinburgh that the government persuaded him into investing in the golf resort at Balmedie, by assuring him that the offshore wind farm project would not proceed.

Though Trump was planning to open his resort in Aberdeenshire by July, he has now put building of the hotel and housing on hold because of the government’s plans to build an offshore wind farm so close to it.


Offshore WIND staff, May 3, 2012;

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