UK’s Wind Power Breaks Record Once More

UK's Wind Power Breaks Record Once More

Wind energy generated a new record monthly high of 11% of the UK’s electricity in February, producing 2,750,086MWh (megawatt hours) – enough to power more than six and a half million homes.

Official National Grid figures show that wind is playing an increasingly important role in the UK’s electricity mix – the previous monthly record (10% of the UK’s electricity from wind) was set in December, which broke a record set in October.

A number of other records have been set in the strong winds of the past few months: on 31st January, wind generated an all-time half-hour high of 6,215MW (megawatts), and on 23rd February wind supplied a daily record of 17% of UK electricity demand.

RenewableUK’s Deputy Chief Executive Maf Smith said: “The need to develop a secure, home-grown supply of electricity in a cost-effective way is at the forefront of people’s minds right now, so it’s good to see wind energy consistently ticking all the right boxes, month after month.

To meet the energy needs of homes and businesses throughout the UK, it’s vital that we keep on harnessing one of Britain’s best natural resources. This makes us less reliant on expensive imported energy from volatile international energy markets.”

Press release, March 4, 2014; Image: checkmateuk