Photo: Unifeeder/GoodFuels

Unifeeder boxship bunkered with GoodFuels’ sustainable biofuel

Dutch marine biofuels supplier GoodFuels and Denmark-based shortsea operator Unifeeder have together completed their first bunkering of sustainable marine biofuel in the Port of Rotterdam.

Photo: Unifeeder/GoodFuels

Under this new partnership, the shortsea containership Elbsummer was bunkered with a blend of marine biofuel produced from 100 percent sustainable feedstock and marine gasoil (MGO) before starting its journey towards Helsinki, Finland.

This is the first bio-bunkering between GoodFuels and Unifeeder, and is said to align with both companies’ ambition to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of European transportation and improve the environmental impact of the shipping industry.

GoodFuels supplies sustainable biofuels to the shipping industry that ‘drop in’ existing engines without requiring any modifications to the engine components or fuel infrastructure, and enable instant decarbonisation impact.

According to GoodFuels, its sustainable marine biofuels reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 per cent well-to-exhaust, and eliminate SOx emissions almost entirely. Its entire portfolio of biofuels are 100% sustainable because they are produced from various certified feedstocks labelled as waste or residue.

Similarly to GoodFuels, Unifeeder – which is owned by UAE-based logistics firm DP World – is also positioning itself as a frontrunner for sustainability in shipping, and is fully dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions with its own target of decarbonising its fleet by 50% by 2040. Partnering with GoodFuels has been described as “an impactful and immediate way” for Unifeeder to achieve these goals by using a solution that is market-ready and available today.

“This partnership demonstrates once again that solutions do already exist today to reduce emissions from shipping. Our marine biofuels respect the environment on all fronts, as they are sourced from feedstocks that are sustainable and do not compete with food production or cause deforestation,” Isabel Welten, Chief Commercial Officer at GoodFuels, commented.

“We are delighted by the results of this first bio-bunkering, which is in line with our long-term commitment towards the environment. Shortsea shipping already provides a greener alternative to inland transport, and GoodFuels’ sustainable biofuel is a meaningful solution that allows us to reduce our emissions in an immediate, significant and measurable way,” Timm Niebergall, Shortsea Director at Unifeeder, said.