Update: Island Innovator Leakage Stopped (Norway)

Update Island Innovator Leakage Stopped (Norway)
Tilting rig. Image courtesy of Rune Meyer Berentsen. Bergen Tidende.

Odfjell Drilling has issued a press release in which it says that the leakage on Island Innovator has been plugged, and the heeling of the rig is reduced. Further work is proceeding to normalize the situation on the rig, Odfjell said.

The leakage occurred through a seawater inlet to a pump room in a pontoon in the rig’s substructure. When the incident occurred, 100 persons worked on board the rig. One person was lightly injured and was given medical assistance in the yard. 63 persons were evacuated from the rig following the incident.

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 The inlet has been plugged and the rig is stabilized by the ballasting system. Further work is done to secure and normalise the situation on the rig.

The incident occurred while the rig was undergoing finalizing and operational preparations at Hanøytangen yard outside Bergen. Work was performed in the sea water system where the leakage occurred. Odfjell Drilling said it would initiate a review to clarify the causes which lead to the incident and identify corrective measures.

Island Innovator is owned by Maracc ASA. Odfjell Drilling is providing project management and drilling services under a management agreement with Maracc ASA.


May 31, 2013




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