US DOE funds ocean energy systems research in Guam

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is allocating $400,000 in funding for research at the University of Guam to explore the potential for ocean energy systems (OES) to power the proposed Guam Aquaculture Innovation Center.

Illustration (Courtesy of DOE)
Illustration (Courtesy of DOE)

The funding will be awarded through DOE’s Water Power Technologies Office for two years to explore the potential for ocean thermal energy conversion and wave energy technology, among others,  for powering the proposed center.

David Patrick Crisostomo, an aquaculture specialist with the Sea Grant Program, said that during the initial two years, UOG research will look at obtaining more information to solidify a plan of action for the best option and implementation of a marine energy system.

Crisostomo added that ocean thermal energy is a strong possibility because Guam has access to deep ocean water relatively close to shore and there is also the possibility for wave energy to be used as a source of energy.

The University of Guam has pointed out that it will partner with DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Sandia National Laboratories to assess the infrastructure requirements, environmental impact considerations, and the economic and regulatory viability of deploying ocean energy systems in Guam.

Fleur de Peralta, Senior Advisor with the Risk & Environmental Assessment Group, Energy & Environment Directorate at PNNL, remarked:  “The diversity within the PNNL and UOG teams will strengthen the outcome of both projects as we adapt and learn from each other to gain valuable knowledge on the feasibility of harnessing hydrogen from Guam’s ocean waters and deploying ocean energy systems as additional sources of clean energy for the island.”

In December 2022, US DOE Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) launched a $10.5 million call for new marine energy projects, expected to advance the research and development of this renewable energy industry.

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