USA: Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound Launched New Radio Campaign

USA Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound Launched New Radio Campaign

Driving home the point that the end of Cape Wind is near, the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound launched a new radio campaign across the Cape and the Islands.

The radio spots highlight the costly threats associated with the proposed massive wind turbine project that would be located in Nantucket Sound – threats to fishermen, endangered marine species, and the national treasure that connects Cape Cod and the Islands. The project also would add billions in added electricity costs for businesses and families throughout Massachusetts.

In addition, the ads remind residents that Cape Wind faces significant legal, financial, regulatory and environmental hurdles and is far from a done deal.

Nearly 500 spots will air on WFRQ, WXTK, WCOD, WCIB, WQRC and ACK, with the bulk of the ads beginning the week of August 5 and running through the month.

 “Cape Wind has thus far failed to finance its expensive project and faces looming deadlines to qualify for federal subsidies and to retain contracts to sell its high priced power to Massachusetts utilities,” said Audra Parker, President and CEO of the Alliance. “But we need to continue to send the very strong message to Boston and Washington that this project would burden all of us with huge electricity costs as well as destroy Nantucket Sound. There are many alternatives for green energy that are better for the environment and our pocketbooks.”

The ad says:

“Take a moment this summer to look out from our beaches over the beautiful waters of Nantucket Sound. And appreciate what you don’t see.

 You don’t see 130 massive wind turbines the height of 40 story skyscrapers, covering 25 square miles. You don’t see a ten story service platform holding 40,000 gallons of oil in the middle of our fishing grounds. You don’t see an industrial plant that would raise our electric bills, hurt our businesses, and burden us with more government handouts.

 What you may also not see is that Cape Wind can be stopped. Did you know opposition to Cape Wind is increasing? Or that multiple lawsuits face this industrial development? Or, that after 12 years, the project still lacks investors? The truth is, despite what this private developer wants you to believe, their proposed power plant is far from a done deal. With your continued support, the end of Cape Wind is near.

 To learn more, go to Save Our Because once Nantucket Sound is gone, it’s gone forever.”

Parker said it is necessary to remind residents how important it is to continue the fight.

 “Cape Wind absolutely can be stopped,” said Parker. “We must continue to remind everyone of the enormous risks Cape Wind poses for the millions of people that travel through the Sound each year, the endangered species that rely on this vital habitat and for the homeowners and businesses who would pay a steep price for this outdated, poorly sited and costly project.”

Cape Wind also faces five pending federal lawsuits that are currently in the briefing stage, numerous regulatory hurdles and preconstruction requirements that still have not been met and difficulty obtaining investors.


Press release, August 7, 2013; Image: saveoursound