USA: Army Corps Unveils Plan for Upper Mississippi River Pool 4

Army Corps Unveils Plan for Upper Mississippi River Pool 4

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, will be issuing a solicitation in 2013 for removal of dredge material from transfer sites located in Upper Mississippi River Pool 4.

Traditionally the Corps has awarded contracts for this type of activity via an invitation for bid (IFB) that provided detailed plans and specifications regarding the method, route and ultimate destination for the material to be removed. The Corps is currently considering alternate methods of accomplishing the removal of material from the transfer sites.

One of the methods being considered is a sealed bid solicitation that specifies a performance requirement to remove and dispose of a given volume of material to a location (or for a use) identified and determined by the contractor. Upon removal of the dredged material, the contractor would take title to the material to be disposed of and is free to use or dispose of the material in any lawful manner.

The traditional disposal sites provided by the Government would not be available for use by the contractor.

This alternative solicitation method would leave it to the contractor to determine the most cost effective method of disposing of the material appropriately. The contractor would be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and approvals to dispose of the materials removed or put them into some other use.

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Press Release, December 27, 2012