USA: Dyson Expands Its Manufacturing Operations

Dyson Expands Its Manufacturing Operations

The Dyson Corporation, a supplier of large diameter domestic fasteners and forgings, has expanded its fork arm manufacturing operations at its Painesville, Ohio facility. The fully forged forks are used in heavy-duty material handling operations such as steelmaking, shipbuilding, and other industrial applications.

Dyson produces large diameter bolts, screws, nuts, washers, rods, studs, pins, construction accessories, specialty fasteners and custom forgings and heavy duty lift truck forks. The forks have a 25 to 180 ton lifting capacity and in numerous configurations including coil rams, marine, tapered shank, offset tapered shank, explosive environment and customer-specific designs.

 “Dyson has been in the forklift arm manufacturing business since the beginning, having made the very first forklift arm for forklift truck manufacturer, Towmotor in the 1930s,” stated Dustin Johnson, Sales Manager for The Dyson Corporation. “Today, our forklift arms are used in severe duty applications requiring the highest strength and durability. Our forklift arms are designed to lift between 25 and 180 tons and available in virtually any configuration the customer requires,” he concluded.

Lester Sears, founder of  The Towmotor Company of Cleveland, invented the forklift truck in 1933 to carry and stack heavy loads. By 1944, Towmotor was an industrial truck leader. Caterpillar Tractor Co. purchased Towmotor in 1965.

For more than 125 years, Dyson has specialized in large domestic forged bolts, nuts, socket head cap screws, lock nuts, and construction fasteners used in transportation infrastructure of bridges, railroads and waterways, the fossil fuel industries of mining and power generation, shipbuilding and nuclear power, and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supply chain.


Press Release, March 15, 2013