USA: EPA to Review 27 Superfund Site Clean Ups This Year

EPA to Review 27 Superfund Site Clean Ups This Year

EPA has announced that they will review site clean ups and remedies at 27 Superfund Sites across New England this year by doing routine Five-Year Reviews at each site.

EPA conducts evaluations every five years on previously-completed clean up and remediation work performed at Superfund sites and Federal Facilities listed on the “National Priorities List” (aka Superfund sites) to determine whether the implemented remedies at the sites continue to be protective of human health and the environment.

Further, five year review evaluations identify any deficiencies to the previous work and, if called for, recommend action(s) necessary to address them.

In addition to a careful evaluation of technical work at the sites, during the Five Year Review process EPA also provides the public with an opportunity to evaluate preliminary findings and to provide input on potential follow up activity that may be required following the review process.


Press Release, February 14, 2014