USA: OceanServer Equips Iver2 AUV with EdgeTech 2205 Side Scan Sonar

USA: OceanServer Equips Iver2 AUV with EdgeTech 2205 Side Scan Sonar

OceanServer Technology continues to deliver superior AUV based acoustic imaging with the qualification and release of the new EdgeTech 2205 high resolution side scan sonar.

The 2205, designed specifically for use on AUVs, represents EdgeTech’s latest generation of electronics, transducers and software specifically optimized for the demanding size and power constraints present in a small platform footprint. The 2205 is available with EdgeTech’s unique Dynamic Focusing (DF) and Multi-Pulse (MP) technologies, and includes its new Powered Arrays designed to provide longer range performance along with advances in noise immunity.

The addition of EdgeTech’s 2205 side scan sonar provides an exciting performance choice for Iver2 AUV users looking for high resolution acoustic imaging in littoral waters. The Iver2 AUV equipped with an EdgeTech 2205 offers an innovative approach to survey operations. It can maintain constant depths with minimal turnaround times to ensure complete area coverage and to maximize the image quality for any sonar data set.

Recently an Iver2 AUV with the integrated EdgeTech 2205 side scan sonar successfully conducted surveys in coastal areas in Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Data records collected and archived demonstrated the superior ultra-high resolution underwater imagery of the EdgeTech dual simultaneous 400/900 kHz system produced on board the Iver2.

OceanServer’s easy-to-use VectorMap GUI software and new dedicated sonar sweep tool option allows AUV mission planning to be accomplished in minutes.. The EdgeTech 2205 sonar images can be displayed directly in VectorMap utilizing OceanServer’s popular Sonar Mosaic program. Sonar Mosaic is a rapid assessment tool which enables users to interrogate sonar targets of interest from geo-referenced tiff images.

The VectorMap integrated presentation provides a valuable launching point for new missions that more specifically focus on targets of interest.

EdgeTech is known worldwide as a leader in side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers and swath bathymetry systems. The 2205 offers AUV users a smaller, lighter and more power efficient system to maximize mission time and image quality.

Additionally, surveyers can now more affordably produce quality acoustic imagery in a wide variety of challenging operational venues.

Press Release, December 10, 2012